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Out of the Park Baseball 10 - PC

For a game that’s all about numbers, Out of the Park Baseball X is pretty true to life. What else can you say about a sports simulation that dishes out a few dozen stats about your clean-up slugger but also lets you know when his wife lands him on the DL after clobbering him with a frying pan? Little down-to-earth anecdotes such as this make the latest addition to this long-running baseball sim feel awfully human, giving you a few chuckles and making you feel like you’re managing flesh-and-blood ballplayers rather than robotically tracking columns of ratings and statistics. The only criticism of this addictive treatment of the major leagues is that it remains daunting for the uninitiated, who still have to ascend a veritable great wall of stats without the aid of a tutorial when loading it up for the first time.

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